Rubber adhesive universal

Application of glue-sealant:

It is a one-component adhesive sealant based on synthetic rubber. It is intended for sealing and repairing roofs from any type of metal tile, sealing gutters and drainage systems, sealing joints in window and door openings from any materials, sealing and gluing facade elements made of glass, concrete, PVC, etc. Constantly elastic, waterproof, transparent joint. It has excellent adhesion to most roofing materials.

Features of glue-sealant:

  • flexibility;
  • resistant to dampness;
  • use at temperatures between +5°C to +40°C;
  • temperature resistance from -50°C to +180°C;
  • skin formation time 15-25 min.;
  • full curing 24-48 hours (joint 5 mm)

280 ml
15 m
(width of joint – 5 mm)
12 units