Glue foam
professional all-season

Application of glue foam:

Used in bonding molded foam polystyrene panels together or panels of extruded foam polystyrene to any type of mineral base indoors and outdoors , including OSB. Polyurethane adhesive has an excellent adhesion on concrete, mineral plasters, brick, porous blocks of type aerated concrete, foam concrete, and bituminous waterproofing bases.

Features of glue foam:

  • high bonding strength;
  • increased adhesion to styrofoam;
  • low post expansion;
  • efficiency in the process of insulation;
  • recommended application of can temperature between +10°C and +25°C;
  • application at environmental temperatures ranging from -5°C to +30°C;
  • do not spoil the ozone ball.

860 ml
Bonding area
14 m2
12 units