«60 seconds» of fast fixation

Application of glue foam:

Universal, one-component, polyurethane, multi-purpose foamed adhesive with a unique formula that has a quick initial grip within 60 seconds after application, which allows you to comfortably mount vertical and horizontal elements. 60 Seconds Foamed Adhesive of quick fixation is designed for professional use. It is used for gluing hollow ceramic bricks, gas and foam concrete, cinder block, materials for facade insulation: expanded polystyrene, mineral wool; as well as for installing window sills, etc. Foamed adhesive has excellent adhesion to most building materials: wood, concrete, stone, plastic, metal, etc., with the exception of Teflon, polyethylene, greasy surfaces and silicone. It is characterized by a small secondary expansion. The adhesive joint has a high degree of elasticity and strength. Solidified foamed adhesive is characterized by excellent sound and heat insulation properties.

Features of glue foam:

  • high bonding strength;
  • increased adhesion to styrofoam;
  • low post expansion;
  • efficiency in the process of insulation;
  • recommended application of can temperature between +10°C and +25°C;
  • application at environmental temperatures ranging from -5°C to +30°C;
  • do not spoil the ozone ball.

860 ml
Bonding area
14 m2
12 units