Fire resistant foam MOUNTER

Fire resistant foam

Polyurethane foam:

It is intended for professional use in places with an increased class of fire resistance. Montage foam has high adhesion to most building materials: wood, concrete, stone, plastic, metal, etc. It is used for installing and fixing window and door blocks, sealing seams and gaps, insulating pipes and wires, filling voids and holes. It has good sound and heat insulating properties.

Features of foam:

  • low secondary expansion;
  • increased foam output;
  • the temperature of the cylinder during use is from +10°C to +25°C;
  • ambient temperature during use from +5°C to +35°C;
  • temperature resistance from -55°C to +90°C;
  • excellent adhesion and cohesion;
  • does not harm the ozone layer.

860 ml
65 l
12 units