Bitum sealant

Application of sealant:

Roofing sealant based on bitumen. Waterproof and waterproof, has good adhesion to various construction materials such as: wood, insulation panels, metal, plastic, concrete, tiles, corrugated and sheet iron, etc. Excellently suited for quick repair of roofing, drainage systems, chimneys, drains, can also be used in the construction of greenhouses, compaction foundation cracks. It can be used at low temperatures and on wet surfaces. After curing has excellent insulating properties. Hardened sealant resistant to UV radiation, constant moisture, abrasion and pressure.

Features of sealant:

  • flexibility;
  • resistant to dampness;
  • temperature resistance from -20°C to +80°C;
  • skin formation time 15-25 min.;
  • full curing- 48-72 hours (joint 5 mm)

280 ml
15 m
(width of joint – 5 mm)
12 units