Aquarium sealant

Application of sealant

Designed to assemble and seal aquariums, terrariums, other glass products. It has the best bonding strength, has excellent adhesion with non-porous materials, especially with glass. Can be used for pressurization pools. Hardened sealant retains excellent elastic properties and works well. Resistant to UV light. Full freezing of sealant - up to 24 hours (Æ 5 mm seam). 72 hours after hardening, harmless to living organisms.

Features of sealant:

  • flexibility;
  • resistant to dampness;
  • temperature resistance from -50°C to +180°C;
  • skin formation time 15-25 min.;
  • full curing- 24-48 hours (joint 5 mm);
  • no discolouration over years.

280 ml
15 m
(width of joint – 5 mm)
12 units.